Overwatch Pit Championship EU Group B day 1 & 2 recap – The Nepal dance

Overwatch Pit Championship promises top notch Overwatch, over a very long period of time. Currently, the European teams are battling it out to get through to the next stage; the playoffs. Group A has already been played, where we saw NiP, eUnited, Vivi’s Adventure and Laser Kittenz advance. Now it’s time for another bunch of European teams to take the spotlight; Group B has started their games.

The first game of Group B featured Movistar Riders versus Dignitas, where the last mentioned team could be seen as the favorite with some heavy names. But Movistar Riders took the game 2-1 after a close Nepal game and a Movistar which outlasted Dignitas on Volskaya.

Later on it was Misfits‘ time to come out and play, matched up against the Danish team of Singularity Ninjas. Star-studded Misfits managed to take a fairly easy win 2-0, showing who the strongest Nordic team is. (At least for now.) We also saw Hammers esports take on Alternate Attax, beating them 2-0.

Day two was another bunch of close Nepal games. Dignitas managed to strike down Alternate Attax 2-1, but not as easily as you’d think. Nepal was a close one, and Alternate Attax took Hollywood. Misfits also played a close Nepal game against Movistar Riders. But once again Misfits showed who the stronger team is, and, after also taking a pretty easy win on Numbai, they won 2-0. Finally, Hammers and Singularity Ninjas battled it out. The Danish Ninjas continued to look strong on Nepal, and won the series 2-1 after a victoy on Volskaya as well.

So after the first two days of the European Group B games, the standings are as follows:

Screenshot (791).png



The Group B games will continue tonight, with for example Dignitas versus Misfits. Can Tvique and co. channel their inner kebabs to continue their winning streak? Tune in at twitch.tv/overwatchpit at 18:00 CEST/9AM PDT


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