Infamous recruits local stars to their roster

New Players have been added to Team Infamous’s roster as the International 2017 was announced

Team Infamous is building a new roster with some familiar players. The team is adding experienced players and constructing their team in hopes of succeeding in the upcoming TI championship, and the first player they’ve recruited is Farith “Matthew” Puente. A former player on the Peruvian team unknown.xiu.

The second player is Enzo “Timado” Gianoli, a 16 year old player who made  a name for himself across North and South America while being part ofknown local teams like Team Freedom, Hard Question, and Barlog e-Sport. Timado has many notches on his belt, with achievements including winning the BTS Americas open qualifier with team Balrogs in 2016, winning cups with Team Freedom such as Prodota cup America #8, and most recently reaching 4th place at the Kiev major American regional qualifiers. Timado has already started bootcamping with Infamous and his experience added a level of prestige to the team’s name.

Lastly, the third player is 19 year old Jose “Thesword” Nicosia, who despite his young age has already made a name for himself in Dota2 and was previously a member of Team Luccini and Mad Kings with Matthew. Matthew and Thesword are known to have played competitively together in several tournaments, which is obviously an added benefit to the strategy making of the team. Together with the remaining players, Infamous Benjamin “Benjaz” Barrios and Christian “ACCELL” Cruz, it is believed that they have the required potential to claim a spot at the International 2017 with some serious bootcamping to create a motivated environment.

Team Infamous Roster:

Peru Farith “Matthew” Puente
United States Enzo “Timado” Gianoli
Peru Benjamin “Benjaz” Barrios
Peru Christian “ACCELL” Cruz
Peru Jose “Thesword” Nicosia





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