DOTA 2: New hero Zhu to be added straight after Kiev Major

Valve have announced the upcoming addition of a brand new hero, Zhu, who will become the 114th hero. Hop inside to see what this new strength hero is capable of.

New hero Zhu to be added straight after Kiev Major

Those hoping the DAC 2017 main event opening ceremony would be epic got exactly what they hoped for as Valve announced the addition of a new hero, Zhu. Valve have posted that the brand new hero will be released after the Kiev Major at the end of this month in conjuction with a new TI BattlePass.

In the Chinese novel Journey to the West Zhu Ba Jie is one of three helpers that aid a monk to carry the Budhist scriptures back to China. One of the other helpers is the mischevous Monkey King, who Valve added to the game straight after the Boston Major last December after teasing it at TI6.

Valve published Zhu’s abilities on the official hero page as well as links to Zhu’s Arcana.

Valve stated in their blog post that the hero will be put into the test client ahead of being released officially into the game in order to balance the hero effectively.

How popular do you think Zhu will be? Does he sound overpowered?




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