Vici Gaming J eliminate Team NP and move forward at the Dota 2 Asia Championships

The second elimination game of the day would see Vici Gaming J going head to head with Team NP in a best-of-one match up.

After a less than promising end to their group stages, Team NP would be hoping to find some form and take down their opponents. For Vici Gaming J, the home crowd support would mean a lot as they attempted to make their way through the lower bracket and move forward to face iG.V in round 3 of DAC.

Screenshot (797).png

VGJ started the game on the front foot as they drew first blood in the top lane killing the Dazzle within a minute of the game beginning. As the game moved toward the ten minute mark, both teams were fairly even, farming their respective jungles but VGJ were up 4-2 on the scoreboard. The Radiant team continued to build on their pressure, picking off whoever they could, but NP were able to find their footing as they gained a tower advantage.

With twenty minutes passed NP begun to take control of the game and after removing all tier 1 towers from their opponent’s side of the map they moved into the Roshan pit and claimed an aegis. But NP did not use their advantage well and a few minutes later, while attempting to push down bot lane, they lost 3 in quick succession with only 1 kill going in their favour.

The game still seemed to be in NP’s favour and as they went into the Rosh pit again, VGJ attempted to take a fight but got completely wiped by the Dire team who then claimed another aegis and the tier 3 tower mid. But once more, VGJ managed to make their way back into the game as NP tried to take down the mid barracks but ended up losing the aegis and getting wiped completely. Now the game looked to be completely in favour of the Radiant as they took another massive fight outside the Rosh pit before walking down mid and dropping the melee barracks.

With that VGJ looked absolutely unstoppable as they claimed an aegis and marched through the Dire line-up, forcing out the GG and securing their spot in the next round where they will meet iG.V. Unfortunately for Team NP this would be the end of their Dota 2 Asia Championships journey.




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