1437 and SVG kicked from NP

ca Theeban ‘1437 / Rose‘ Siva posted up a short vlog on his YouTube channel sharing that he had been kicked from Team NP.

According to 1437’s vlog it “it wasn’t a very peaceful exit for SVG and me”, but he did not go into more details about the reasons why, but said the decision came from EternalEnvy. 1437 was one of the founding members of Team NP, having left Secret alongside Aui and EE to form the new NA team.
1437 said his drive to play is very high but finds himself in “a very weird position right now” especially with the Kiev Major coming up he won’t be rushing to find a team to play for. Instead he announced plans during his “small break” to stream and produce YouTube content such as replay and draft analysis for iG’s bracket run at DAC 2017.

Team NP qualified for DAC 2017 but finished 9-12th place out of 12 teams at the LAN Finals at the weekend, losing to VG.J in the first round of the lower-bracket after placing 4th in Group B. Team NP did not qualify for the Kiev Major which means they now essentially face a month’s break.

Valve’s rules on roster reshuffles mean that Team NP will no longer be elligible for an invite to the Regionals and will need to qualify first through the Open Qualifiers for TI7 at the end of June.

Team NP roster

ca Kurtis ‘Aui_2000‘ Ling
ca Jacky ‘EternaLEnVy‘ Mao
us Arif ‘MojoStormStout‘ Anwar




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