EPICENTER 2017: Qualifiers and main event format announced

EPICENTER 2016 was hailed as one of the best events of last year and with the second iteration of the event coming soon, some information on the format and the qualifiers has been revealed. The event will feature ten teams from around the world, battling it out in Moscow. Of these ten teams, six will receive a direct invite to the tournament while the remaining four slots will be filled by qualifier winners.

Open and closed qualifiers dates and format: 

According to the offical announcemt, made on the tournament website, the open qualifiers will occur in two parts; the first from April 21-23 and the second a week later from April 28-30. The first of these will feature teams from America, SEA and CIS regions while the second part will see Europe, America and SEA teams fighting for a chance to be part of the EPICENTER action. There will also be a separate qualifier round held for the China region. From these, the winners will advance into the closed qualifiers which take place from May 6-14 in a double elimination bracket fomat.

Main event format: 

The group stages of the event will take place from June 4-7 and will see the 10 teams, split into two separate groups, playing off in a round-robin match style. The top team from each group at the end of this will proceed directly into the semi-finals of the tournament while 2nd and 3rd place from each group will move into the quarter finals of the playoff stage. The main event is due to take place from June 9-11 and will be hosted at the VTB Ice Palace sports arena in Moscow.

The tournament boasts a $500 000 prize pool split amongst all ten participating teams depending on their standings. The breakdown is as follows:

1st Place: $250 000
2nd Place: $100 000
3rd and 4th Place: $40 000
5th and 6th Place: $20 000
7th and 8th Place: $10 000
9th and 10th Place: $5000

While ticket sales for the event have not yet gone live, they will be sometime in April, so be sure to keep checking back here for news on this so that you don’t miss out on this amazing tournament.





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