[Report] Adam/343 appears to have parted ways with B)ears

It seems that Adam “Adam/343” Shah has parted ways with the European mix – B)ears. In the absence of an official follow up statement, several sources have confirmed the rumors.

Fnatic was Adam’s big break into the professional circuit and the support player acknowledged that his year with the organization had been an incredible but “tiring” experience – resulting in him taking a short lived break from competition following his 4th place finish at TI6.

After, Adam had separated from Fnatic he went to play with Filipino team Execration for the Boston Major, but ended up being shut out from the chance to compete when the team was unable to attend due to delayed visa issues.

It was at the end of December when Adrian “FATA” Trinks, the German player made his return to competitive play that he joined Team B)ears along with Korean star Lee “Forev” Sang-don, Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat and  Feras “Feero” Hroob.

There was much hype around the team going into the Kiev Major qualifiers. The squad had received an invite to the EU regional qualifies following an impressive run in the DAC 2017 EU qualifiers where they took second place. They had secured first place in their group with an undefeated record and then went through the brackets to the face off against Team Liquid in the grand finals – eventually losing in a 2:0 sweep. Their run in the Kiev Major qualifiers was just as impressive, taking the second place spot in the group stage and then third place overall.

There is no further information as to where fans will see Adam playing next, but with the Kiev Major lurking around the corner, teams will be scrambling to form new rosters in the post major shuffle only a few weeks away.

Likewise, there has been no additional information on who is expected to fill Adam/343’s shoes in the roster, or if any other roster changes will take place in the near future.



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