Copenhagen Games 2017 – Singularity crowned Champions

The Danish roster of Singularity secure the Champions’ title of Copenhagen Games 2017 after defeating dreamchasers 2-0 in the grand final.

DenmarkSingularity overcame dreamchasers in a two map sweep, both maps (de_Mirage and de_Nuke) saw close scores, with the Danes managing to clutch it out in the end of each one. The team ended up securing a whopping €30,000 in prize money and bragging rights. Singularity showed an amazing performance throughout the event, upsetting teams such as Finland and Fatih “gob.b” Dayik’s BIG. In the grand final the team manage to outperform Swedendreamchasers, a mix roster comprised of three SwedenGODSENT members in Markus “pronax” Wallsten, Simon “twist” Eliasson and Andreas “znajder” Lindberg, ex-NiP member Jacob “pyth” Mourjarvi and Joel “emilio” Mako.

Below is a brief recap outlining performances on the two maps:

de_Mirage – 16:13 (7:8, 9:5)

Singularity kicked off to a strong start, as they were able to secure the first pistol round in a post-plant situation. In large thanks to the prior bomb plant, dreamchasers were able to buy up in round two, catching the Danes off-guard. Momentum was developed after this situation, allowing the Swedes a 5:1 lead by round six. After this stint a total of three rounds went in favour of pronax and co. whilst Singularity were able to accrue a few rounds, bagging seven in total prior to switching sides.

The second half once again saw the Danes grab the pistol, only on this occasion they were able to extend the round lead to 10:8. Attempts were made by dreamchasers to reset the Ts, however they proved futile, as Singularity were able to edge out the Swedes in the second half producing a 16:13 victory.

de_Nuke – 16:12 (7:8, 9:4)

On this occasion dreamchasers were able to grab the pistol round, following up with a subsequent W. Round three saw resurgence from the Danes, as they cut the momentum by securing round 3. As the half developed it seemed like the rounds were slowly skewing towards the Swedish line-up, up until round 12, where the Danes went on a triple round spree, equalising the score at 7:7. The last word was by dreamchasers, as round 15 dropped in their favour, recreating the initial map’s first half score of 7:8 in favour of the Swedes.

The latter half saw dominance from Singularity. They picked up the third pistol round of the series, following up with round after round, slamming five in a row to extend their lead at 12:8. Whilst all attempts were made by the Swedish roster at mounting a comeback, the fact was that a mere four rounds were needed to close out the series, as we subsequently found out it would. 16:12 in favour of Singularity meant a dear €30,000 in their pockets, as well as the prestige of defeating some of Sweden’s finest.





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