Newbee claim back to back titles in DPL

Newbee claimed their second championship title for DPL after a resounding 3:1 victory over LGD in the Grand Finals. Last season Newbee took down Invictus Gaming 3:0 for the title.

After emerging as victors for DPL season 2, Newbee was seeded into the DPL Top League for the third season. There, they took fourth place with a 5-6-0 record for 16 points – enough to advance into the playoffs. They then wiped out VGJ with a 2:0 sweep and locked horns with the group leaders Invictus Gaming – besting them 2:1 to advance into the grand finals.

Battling it out with LGD, Newbee then took two very convincing games off of their opponents before dropping a match. They dusted off, attended to their wounds, and headed back into the lion’s den ready to win. In a one sided match, Newbee seized the final game and their second championship title for the league.

Although Newbee have been a mainstay in events over the last two years, the team was missing the mark in major LAN events – falling into the bottom half of the placements until about one year ago.  Things started to steadily improve and since recruiting Xu “uuu9” Han,  Song “Sccc” Chun and  Zeng “Faith” Hongda in September and Newbee has been quickly rising to the very top in the Chinese circuit and international scene.

Newbee was a direct invite to Kiev Major and will be gearing up to lay claim to one of the top finishes starting next week.



DPL – Dota 2 Professional League is a Chinese league sponsored by the Chinese General Administration of Sport and hosted by MarsTV. The first year featured a total prize pool of $1 million split among 22 teams with the first season kicked off on May 18th 2016.

GASC (General Administration of Sport China), Perfect World and MarsTV key representatives attended a joint press conference held at the Grand Hyatt Beijing. During the event, it was revealed that the aim of the league was to “complete the growth of players and integrate the tournaments in the ecosystem of DOTA2 in China“.

In addition, all participants received an official statement and certificate authenticating each player as an official professional athlete in China.


DPL season 3 

Regular Season

  • Season 3 Top League and Season 3 Secondary League
  • 12 teams in Top League
  • 14 teams in Secondary League
  • Bo2 Double Round-Robin
  • Top 2 from Season 3 Secondary League advance to Season 4 Top League
  • Bottom 2 from Season 3 Top League drop to Season 4 Secondary League


Championship: Season 3 Top League

  • Top 6 teams play in a Bubble bracket
  • Grand Final is in a Bo5, others are in Bo3



  • Four teams: 10th and 11th from Season 3 Top League and 2nd and 3rd from Season 3 Secondary League
  • Bo3 double-elimination bracket
  • Top 2 stay/advance to Season 4 Top League, bottom 2 stay/drop to Season 4 Secondary League


DPL season 3 prize pool

The prize pool for Season 3 is ¥600,000 CNY in total (~$86,800 USD) , ¥500,000 CNY (~$72,595 USD) for Top League, and ¥100,000 CNY for Secondary League.




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