DreamHack Austin 2017 – Groups and schedule announced

The group draws and schedule have been announced for the upcoming DreamHack Austin 2017 LAN finals.

With ten days remaining till the commencement of DreamHack Austin 2017, DreamHack have announced the group draws for the tournament. Eight teams from America and Europe will clash on Friday, April 28th – Sunday, April 30th in hope of landing the largest slice of the $100,000 prize pool. Of aforementioned eight participants six received direct invites, whilst Europe HellRaisers and Brazil Luminosity Gaming had to graft their way through the European and North American qualifiers respectively to secure a placement at the LAN finals in Austin, Texas, United States.

In last year’s iteration of the tournament the ex-Luminosity Gaming, now SK Gaming roster took first place after defeating fellow Brazilians, Brazil Tempo Storm. The series saw a two map sweep by the subsequent major winners, who ended up bagging a cool $50,000 in prize money, as well as the Champions’ title.


Group A Group B
Europe HellRaisers Brazil Immortals
Kazakhstan Gambit Esports France G2 Esports
Denmark Heroic United States Cloud9
Brazil Luminosity Gaming United States Team Liquid

Below you will find a comprehensive schedule for all matches taking place between April 28th-30th:

Friday, April 28th – Group stage (All BO1)
(M1) 11:00 – Group A – Match #1 – Europe HellRaisers vs. Brazil Luminosity Gaming
(M2) 12:30 – Group B – Match #1 – Brazil Immortals vs. United States Team Liquid
(M3) 14:00 – Group A – Match #2 – Kazakhstan Gambit Esports vs. Denmark Heroic
(M4) 15:30 – Group B – Match #2 – France G2 Esports vs. United States Cloud9
(M5) 17:00 – Group A – Winner of M1 vs. Winner of M3
(M6) 18:30 – Group B – Winner of M2 vs. Winner of M4
Saturday, April 29th – Decider matches (All BO3)

(M7) 10:00 – Group A – Loser of M1 vs. Loser of M3
(M8) 13:00 – Group B – Loser of M2 vs. Loser of M4
(M9) 16:00 – Group A – Loser of M5 vs. Winner of M7
(M10) 19:00 – Group B – Loser of M6 vs. Winner of M8

Sunday, April 30th – Playoffs (All BO3)

(M11) 10:00 – Semi-final #1
(M12) 13:00 – Semi-final #2
(M13) 17:00 – Grand Final




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